Here in Salem, Massachusetts, we live with a history that especially warns us about the dangers of believing in lies and conspiracy theories.  In more modern times, we know that misinformation can also stand in the way of all the good work we have done to move our community forward, together.

Facts Matter.  It's time to set the record straight.

Here at Salem 4 All, we aim to be a transparent resource to you as you sort through what you read online and other local sources.  Our goal is to educate and elevate our community conversations by turning to local experts to focus on the facts and the truth.

Our Opinions Will Vary.  The facts do not.

Salem 4 All is an organization designed to stop misinformation in its tracks, to set the record straight, so that we can make truly informed decisions as we work collectively as a community to move our city forward.  We stand on the strong shoulders of those who have loved and built Salem throughout our history, and we look boldly and proudly toward our future.

Please join us.


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