About Us

Salem 4 All is an organization and a local, community effort created to bring together diverse, independently-minded neighbors from across our city who care about the truth, and who believe that we should continue to build on all the good work in which we have invested our time, talent and treasure over the years.  We are committed to continuing to embrace the welcoming spirit in Salem that makes us all proud.


Facts Matter

We are a diverse city full of interesting people from all sorts of backgrounds.  Our opinions, values and goals may vary, but we all have the same set of facts.

We Are Moving Forward

We stand on the strong shoulders of those who have built Salem throughout our shared history, and we have all made it what it is today.  Our future is ahead - not behind us.  We are not perfect, and that is exactly why we must work hard to move forward as a community, together.


Salem is for All of Us

Our city is vibrant, culturally diverse, and a wonderful place to live, raise our families and leave our legacies.  This is true because of all of us.  We are committed to holding the door open for all of us, from our most long-time to our newest residents.